Inexperience is expensive!

Do you have the right tech partner?

Get better software faster when you choose the right development partner. We have created a simple but effective checklist to help you choose wisely.


Cheaper is not always better

Choosing the cheapest quote might mean you pay more at the end of the project. Consider the following:


Avoid Technical Debt

When more users come online will your application manage the new load or will your app crash? If it doesn't scale, do you need to rebuild the app? Be wary of poorly written code, outdated tech stacks, low unit test coverage, a difficult to work on or maintain codebase and a lack of documentation.


Own the code

If you are paying for the development, make sure you own the source code and that there are no IP restrictions that are restrictive. Additionally, investigate if any licensed software has been bundled into your development which requires annual fees, regular updates and maintenance.


Clear Communication

Consider communication, language and cultural differences that can lead to a gap in expectations and a lack of transparency in the development process.

Keep your stakeholders happy



Reduce risk and ship faster

Roll out new features confidently and progressively.


Product Owner

Better scalable products for your business and your customer

Roll out new features confidently and progressively. Improve app performance while gaining valuable user insights.



Grow your business, simplify user engagement and retention

Target your messaging, personalise your campaigns, and drive substantial growth for your business.


We were looking for a partner that would put up with the complexities of our business. Working with Responsive has been absolutely wonderful. They’ve been professional on all levels and have exceeded our expectations.

Fay Glennie

Director | Chep - Brambles


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